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How do I post a For Sale or Wanted notice?
Simply click on the button and enter your details in the message window. You need to enter your name, e-mail address, a subject heading (the type of item that is for sale or wanted) and the details of the item for sale/wanted. Finally, You must select either or before you post your message. If you are just replying to a message simply select the REPLY option.

You then click on the Preview Your Message button, which allows you to see your notice before posting. At this point you can amend your details if you spot any mistakes. Once you are happy with your message just click on the Post Your Message button.
Why didn't my notice show up on the Trading Place page?
The most likely reason is because your browser did not reload the page, it simply pulled an old version out of your computer's memory. Click on your browser's Reload or Refresh button and it should then appear.
Will I be notified if someone responds to my notice?
Yes, the system automatically generates an e-mail to advise you that a reponse has been posted.
What happens when I have sold the item?
When you have sold your item, please post a response to your original message selecting the option. All messages will stay for a maximum period of 30 days or until sold. We then remove the oldest notices to ensure fast download of our pages.
How long are notices left on the Trading Place page?
Your notice will stay for 30 days or until Trading Place notices reach 100kb data size. We then remove the oldest notices to ensure fast download of our pages.
Why does the system 'hang' when I click on the Post Notice button?
Occasionally, the controlling program gets 'stuck' resulting in the system 'hanging'. However, your notice will have been posted. If you are in any doubt then you can check to see if your notice has been posted by returning to the Trading Place page. Please note, you may need to refresh the page, by clicking on your browser's Reload or Refresh button, to see your notice.


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