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Just as each baby is unique, so is each birth. And you can be guaranteed that very few of them are going to stick to that birth plan you so carefully constructed! So why not share with us your story - and of course a picture of the latest arrival!

Featured babies archive

Adam James
Baby Alex was born at 8 minutes to midnight on Sunday 9th and he was perfect.
Caitlin Jean Turner
Caitlin is absolutley ACE, she is the apple of my eye, the light of my life. Even when she wakes up at 11pm and wants to play games till 2am I wouldn't change her for the world.
Elena Mai Fraser
I just lay there staring at her, the midwives kept telling me to get some rest but how can you when you have something so perfectly beautiful laying next to you?...
William Thomas Horatio Panday
I had a lovely deep lavender bath which I managed to sit in for 50 minutes, singing at the top of my voice, "You are my sun-shine my only sun-shine" ...
Trey Franklin
Just a few weeks before my due date of 1 June, my husband Jamie was accepted into police college 900km away and had to leave 3 weeks before the baby was due...
Shelley Jayne Rutherford
The doctor held her up and she was wrapped in a towel and given to me, she was born with her eyes wide open and didn't even cry...
Gwendolen Rose Ellen Thomas
They put her on my tummy, Pete was crying "Alice we've got a little girl!"
Ally Finestone
Talk about love at first sight! She is so beautiful, absolutely precious & perfect...
Evie Katherine Moss
They decided there was no option, but to do a caesarean section.
I was suddenly terrified and couldn't stop shaking...

Daisy Mireille Stevenson
I gave one almighty 'I'm going to push this baby out no matter what' noise and Daisy's head was born followed by the rest of her body on the next contraction...

Isabella Amber Flynn
Izzi is so much fun, and parenthood is better then I ever could have imagined!! Izzi has started on solids and chatters and jibbers away...
George Frederick Alexander Skyrme
George is such a happy and contented baby. He is smiling loads and gurgles and coos whole conversations with us now...
Melissa Rose Jarvis
At around 12 weeks I decided I wanted a home birth. I collected all my research from the internet and finally persuaded my husband Chris, which was no easy task...
Hetty Scarlett Finneran
By 1pm I was found to be 9cm, and felt ready to push, and a few contractions later my waters broke with a gush...
Yasmine Alicia Cramer
Yasmine has really settled down well and we love her to bits - I didn't think it were possible to have such intense emotions for anything…
Jake Simpson
The pool was only half full when I got into it, tap still running, but it was lovely being able to submerge my tummy…
Olivia Gooding
Baby was due on the 13th June 2001, but not unexpectedly didn't arrive…
Morwenna Bethany Fisher
By the twelfth day past my due date and my experimenting with every trick in the book for bringing labour on. I could not sleep for contractions…


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