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March Mums
I'm part of a group of mums called "March mums" we met via your baby forum in the year 2000 when we were first pregnant now a year on our babies are approaching their first birthday and we are all meeting in a hotel in Derby the weekend of 6th April!

Can you imagine it 10 one year old babies and their siblings plus the parents! From your forum which we all still visit regularly we created our own email group called "march mums". We have never met each other but have grown life long friends over the past year and can't wait to meet. I don't know how I personally would have coped through out my babys first year without the help and support from the March mums.

We thought you might be interested to hear about this as without your forum we would never have met. We have written to baby magazines and the local derby newspaper asking them to feature our group and of course the forum will be mentioned. It's a unique event for this many babies, parents and siblings to all be staying at the same hotel (poor hotel) who have never even met. You hear about couples meeting and marrying via the internet but a group forming like this is usually unheard of.

Thank you Babyguide/Weddingguide for all your help.

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