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Quiz: Are you ready for pregnancy?

1. If you are trying to conceive, when should you stop smoking?

a. immediately
b. sometime during the 1st three months of the pregnancy
c. it's uneccesary to stop smoking before or during pregnancy

2. How many units of alcohol a week are you allowed when trying for a baby ?

a. 2
b. none
c. 4

3. Which vaccination is it imperative that you should have had done before TTC?

a. mumps
b. rubella
c. chicken pox

4. What substance should you severely limit, or better halt when TTC?

a. caffeine
b. mineral water
c. milk

5. Important nutrients for a healthy pregnancy :

a. calcium
b. folic acid
c. both

6. When should you stop taking the pill :

a. as soon as you realise you are pregnant
b. a few months before you start TTC
c. two months after you realise you are pregnant

7. Which if these sexual positions are considered more favourable when TTC :

a. missionary
b. rear-entry
c. lying side by side
d. all of the above

8. Which sport should you avoid during pregnancy?

a. horseback riding
b. walking
c. swimming

9. Basal body temperature is :

a. your temperature when you first wake up in the morning
b. your post-coital temperature
c. your pre-period temperature

10. When do you ovulate?

a. the day your period starts
b. 14 days before your period starts
c. 3 days after the start of your period




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