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Thanks to advances in ultra-sound techniques, not only are our babies healthier in the womb but we can also share baby's first picture with friends and family long before he or she leaves the womb!

Your Scans archive

Mum-to-be's name: Ali G
This is my 20 weeks scan picture, all is well and "Baby G" was dancing around and waving. We are sure he knows we are watching.

Mum-to-be's name: Puntipa Cheetham
My baby scan at 20 weeks. We think it's a boy but we dont know yet.
Mum-to-be's name: Imogen Kelsey
This is my scan picture of baby "Bean" scan taken at 8 weeks and 4 days. The family think my little bean looks rather like a miniature kidney bean !!!!
Mum-to-be's name: Fatima
Hi, this is my 12 week and 1 day scan of my first baby. Due on August 4th.
Mum-to-be's name: Ali
This is my scan pic at 11+1.
Because of my age (42) and the fact this is my first baby, they are going to keep a close eye on me and I get to have 2 extra growth scans at 28 weeks and 34 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Kimberley
This is my 20 week scan picture (actually done at 19+4). Little Jellybean wiggled about at first but then tried to hide their face when we needed to check it out. But lovely to see that everything is ok!!! Can't wait to see their little face for real in April!
Mum-to-be's name: Jodie
This was taken at 11 weeks and 2 days. It was an active little tike.
Mum-to-be's name: Nessy
Hello my name is Nessy. This is my 12 weeks and 5 days scan of my little one. I'm so excited!
Mum-to-be's name: Sophieb
Here is my scan of tinyb at 11 weeks, looks like a bit of a thumb sucker with big feet!!!
Mum-to-be's name: Liesa J
Here is my scan of baby at 12 weeks. The nickname is bump.
Mum-to-be's name: Holly
This is the 3d scan we were lucky enough to get at 31 weeks, by simply being in the right place at the right time! It's blue bundle and his parents and big brother Jack can't wait to meet him in 5 weeks time!
Mum-to-be's name: Caroline
Here is my scan at 12 weeks. It's lush!
Mum and Dad- to-be's name: Jane and Damian
This scan of baby Stevens was taken at 12 weeks, we've got the 20 week scan coming up on monday (19th Dec) so we will post that scan as well to show how the little one is coming along.
Mum-to-be's name: Brittany
These are ultrasound pictures of my daughter Annabelle at 12, 20 and 24 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Joanna
This is my 3rd baby. This pic was taken when it was 12 weeks old. Not a great pic as was copied from my phone. It's mad how they already look so much like a little baby at such an early stage. Don't know what the sex is yet, will find out on the 30th Jan 2006. I'm due on the 19th June.
Mum-to-be's name: Amy Jane
My name is Amy Jane, this was my first scan at 12 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Sharon McDonald
Our little girl moved her arms from her face for this one picture!
Mum-to-be's name: Jo
Hi my name is Jo. This is my scan at around 20 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: T
This 3D scan was taken at 28 weeks and 2 days, and shows Chip thumb sucking.
Mum-to-be's name: Shona
This was taken at 19 weeks and 5 days. You can see really clearly; the arms, legs etc. considering it was being so active!
Mum-to-be's name: Jo M
This is Squirt at 13 weeks and 5 days. He was fast asleep at first and we had to wake him up so we could all see him properly. S/he was upside down to start with but soon livened up for us.  S/he will be our 2nd Child and we can't wait till May next year when his brother can meet him or her.
Mum-to-be's name: Sam and Dad-to-be: Damien
Here is our baby boy 28 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Diane and Dad-to-be: Larry
This picture was taken at 14 weeks. Looks like two babies are here but there is only one!
Mum-to-be's name: Sara M
Here is Sara M's little baby boy. This was taken at 20 weeks exactly and I think he's going to be a real poser, he kept posing for us.
Mum-to-be's name: Diane
I am 14 weeks pregnant  and have an interesting ultrasound picture. Twins? I don't know yet. My Doctor is still waiting for the report to come back. This picture looks like there's two! My mother was a twin and so is the father in law. I don't know for sure but I can still have fun with this until I find out for sure.
Mum-to-be's name: Catherine
Here is my baby at 12 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Ozzy
Here is my Baby girl at 28 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: T
Here's Chip at 21 weeks and 1 day. S/he is now big enough to make out facial features, and the arm and hand are quite clear in this picture too.
Mum-to-be's name: Kimberly
Here is my baby scan, it was taken at 12 weeks 4 days.
Mum-to-be's name: Charlotte
Here is my baby scan, it was taken at 8 weeks 4 days.
Mum-to-be's name: Natasha
Here is my scan at 21 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: April
Bump wouldn't hold still for long, so it's not very clear, but: head on the left, body on the right (lying on back), hand up by face, and you can really see the jawbone clearly!
Mum-to-be's name: Hayly B
This is our second little bundle of joy at 16 weeks and 2 days. We canít wait until Feb to see the little wriggler.
Mum-to-be's name: Becki and Dad-to-be Harvey
Hi it's Elle, This is my new grandchild at 11 weeks. It is really clear.
Mum-to-be's name: Linda
These are our 12 and 21 week scans of Bambino Kyle - truely a miracle baby. In the 12 week scan you can she he/she is waving at us. I think Bambino is gonna be a wee entertainer like their daddy. In the 21 week scan you can see its little nose and everything -so cute. I would love to know whether it's a boy or a girl but we've decided to wait till the birth. Bambino is gonna be a wee Christmas baby and is due on Christmas Eve 2005. Mummy and Daddy love u so much already Bambino, and we can't wait to meet you!
Mum-to-be's name: Natasha and Daddy-to-be Paul
This is my second scan. It was at 12 weeks! It was amazing to see how much it had grown. My first scan was at 7 weeks and it looked like a monkey nut but now it looks like a proper baby!
I love him/her already!
Mum-to-be's name: Misfit
Hi this is Misfit from the forum. It's taken a while but here is my 20 week scan of our beautiful baby boy!

Mum-to-be's name: Cat
This is our baby at our 12 week scan.
Mum-to-be's name: Sara
the scan was taken at 12 weeks exactly. The baby wouldn't stop moving what's it going to be like when it's here?
Mum-to-be's name: Pippa Coates and Phil Tetley
This is our baby boy at 19 weeks 2 days. We only found out Ii was pregnant at 16 weeks! suddenly my bump has grown and i have all the symptoms! He's due on new years eve cant wait what a good thing to take into a new year!
Mum-to-be's name: Mummy Rebecca and Daddy Paul Leftley
This is a 19 weeks scan of our beautiful boy Callum he is due on October the 17th 2005. He is smiling right at you in this picture, love you baby boy, see you soon.
Mum-to-be's name: Tish
Please find attached scan pictures of 'Spud' at 12wks. He was doing somersaults during the scan, but am so happy to see him so healthy.
Mum-to-be's name: Kate Beaton
This is my baby scan taken at 20 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Sarah
This is our new baby boy at 9 weeks and 18 days, due on the 8 December 2005. He looks just like his brother David.
Mum-to-be's name: T
Here's the long awaited Chip at 11 weeks and 5 days. The pic's a bit grainy, but you can make out his (or her!) head as the left hand blob, and the body as the right hand blob!
Mum-to-be's name: SarahEC
Here is my scan taken at 12 weeks and 6 days.
Mum-to-be's name: Pamela Morgan
This is my first baby and the scan was amazing. Our baby was trying to find his/her thumb to suck but was sucking all its fingers! He/she also got the hump, and punched out at the camera (so it seemed) and turned over.
Mum-to-be's name: Claire
Hi, I'm Claire and this is my 13 week scan.
Mum-to-be's name: Nicola D
My Baby scan at 33 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Michelle
This picture was taken at 13 weeks 4 days. Baby looks like it was just about to do a headstand! You can't see its head properly but its bottom, legs and feet are quite clear.
Mum-to-be's name: Jayne
My name is Jayne and this is my first scan at exactly 12 weeks. Baby peanut is very clear and me and daddy-to-be were crying all the way through scan as it was the most exciting moment of our lives.
Mum-to-be's name: Fire
The scan is of baby 2 at 7 weeks 3 days.
Mum-to-be's name: Beth
The scan is at 30 weeks and is a 3D scan.
Mum-to-be's name: Misfit
This is my scan, which is 11 weeks and 6 days at this stage.. The scan was really clear and baby was waving and kicking like no tomorrow having his picture taken!
Mum-to-be's name: LaurenJ
This is our scan of 'little egg' at 10wks and 5 days. It is measuring 3.34cm!! Baby waved its arms and kicked its legs loads, so daddy is sure its a rugby player, whatever sex it is!!!
Mum-to-be's name: Sarah R
As you can see baby is waving at us!!!
Mum-to-be's name: Alison
This is my scan pic. I am 21 weeks here and can't wait! I think my baby is pressed up against the scanner!
Mum-to-be's name: Harina
Here's my scan at 19 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Klur
Here's a new and improved flump!
Mum-to-be's name: Suzie Vann
The first scan picture of my baby who my husband and I have called Peanut for now. This scan was taken at 12 weeks and showed a very active baby somersaulting wildly in my tummy!
Mum-to-be's name: Lisa Fisher
This is my baby's first scan photo. It was taken at 11+6 weeks. The baby is approximately 5.5cm long
Mum-to-be's name: Claire G
Here is a picture of Marble taken at 12 weeks, he / she is lying back relaxing with his / her hands behind its head.
Mum-to-be's name: Trish
This scan is a clear 12 week image of a very active baby.
I am always calling the baby her and my husband is calling it he, we can't wait for the 20wk scan to see who is right!
Mum-to-be's name: Lianne
This scan is a clear 12 week image of a very active baby.
I am always calling the baby her and my husband is calling it he, we can't wait for the 18wk scan to see who is right!
Mum-to-be's name: Akua Ansah
Here is 'Baby'. To date I am 25 weeks and 2 days pregnant.
Mum-to-be's name: KerryC
It was taken at 8 + 6 weeks and I don't think it's very clear! Big cyst in the way!
Mum-to-be's name: Snowflake
Here is the scan picture of my twin babies at 12 weeks. They couldn't get them both still at the same time, so one is a bit blurred but both are lovely! You can even see the top one sucking it's thumb!
Mum-to-be's name: Sonja Liegh Tinsley
Little Man at 18-20wk ultrasound. Little man was obsessed with his hands at this stage and I never to this day caught a sight of him sucking his thumb.
Mum-to-be's name: Custard
This is my little bubba who's very kindly giving us a wave.
Mum-to-be's name: Klur
This is flump at 10 and 1/2 weeks.
Mum-to-be's name: Becky Quartermaine
This is little Babette or Baby QL at 11 weeks.
It was the most amazing experience - this baby was never thought possible - it is a miracle baby.
It even moved - can't wait for the next scan - but do we find out the sex? Huge debate!!!
Mum-to-be's name: Alison Fitch
There are three pictures of Fitch Junior. The first picture of FJ "taken" at 7 weeks. My friend Carmel think it looks like a blob! The second picture of Baby FJ was "taken" at 13 weeks. If you look closely, you can see the nose, mouth and ear and the spine is fairly clear.
The last scan we had of Baby FJ taken at 22 weeks. Baby FJ is due on 21st November, so not long to go now.

Mum-to-be's name: Donna Wingell
Scan was taken at 20 weeks. The hospital said it's a girl - still waiting for arrival, due October 19th.

Mum-to-be's name: Stacey Miller
My ’20 weeks’ scan. My fella is convinced he can see boy-bits.
Mum-to-be's name: Mic F
Baby: Splodge at 12 weeks. S/he didn't want to play when we were taking the pic, but eventually, s/he decided to turn a bit (without moving from gymnast-worthy position of headstand). Was waving and clapping like a good-un. Footie fan like daddy then!!
Louis Last's baby scan
Mum-to-be's name: Louise Last
The scan pictures of baby Last taken at 20 weeks. The first shows baby with its hand on its head, and the second shows baby sucking its knee! Baby was very active at the scan, and we had asked to find out the sex, but every time the sonographer tried to look, baby crossed its legs or moved so we couldnt tell!
Cathy Holme's baby scan Mum-to-be's name: Cathy Holmes
The scan shows that 'Charlie' is very big for his age...already at about 5lbs - I have been warned that he is going to be about 10lbs by 38 weeks! He's looking straight into the can see his chubby cheek.
Joanne Merchant's baby scan Mum-to-be's name: Joanne Merchant
Junior looks like he has a rather large nose, but he was actually waving to us at the time she took the photo. But he's definitely got my stomach.
Kate Thompson's baby scan Mum-to-be's name: Kate Thompson
Here's 'Little Dave' at 13.5 weeks. We've been calling him/her that after my husband but have no idea what sex he/she is. Looks remarkably like David in fact, though that could be more to do with the round belly and bald head than anything else! LD even gave us a little wave!
Andrea Price's 12 week scan Mum's name: Andrea Price
This is the one moment where Junior was in the right position for them to take their measurements, at one stage he/she was standing on their head.
Sabrina Alloway's 12 week scan Mum's name: Sabrina Alloway
The baby wouldn't turn to the side or keep still for the photo and was looking straight at us. We call the baby Choccy Pud rather than 'It'.
Vicky Edmond's baby scan thumbnail Mum's name: Vicki Edmonds
"Chad" or "Chadette" Edmonds sends a fond farewell to the family and friends in Australia. Likes: food of any type preferably in large quantities, Carlton aussie rules footy team (so his/her Dad says anyway), holidays to exotic locations. Dislikes: having no one else to play with in his/her current abode - keen to make friends when released!
Sonia Dalton's baby scan thumbnail Mum's name: Sonia Dalton
Sonia's 'little Casper' wouldn't keep still half the time - bless!!
Sharon Aird's baby scan thumbnail Mum's name: Sharon Aird
Sharon's scan at 20 weeks was really clear. You can see the nose, ears and mouth! Baby Aird was very active on the day and put on quite a show, it was fun while it lasted! Baby Aird is due on 16th May 2003.
Sally Smith's baby scan thumbnail Mum's name: Sally Smith
Sally's bump was behaving very badly, and wouldn't let the sonographer measure it's spine. It was sitting with it's legs crossed and hands behind it's head!!
Nicola Hill's baby scan thumbnail Mum's name: Nicola Hill
Nicola has nicknamed her baby 'tiddler' for the moment so that it doesn't keep getting called 'it'
Elaine Churchill's baby scan thumbnail Mum's name: Elaine Churchill
A clear 12 week scan
Caroline Byrne's baby scan thumbnail Mum's name: Caroline Byrne
Baby Byrne is taking it all in his/ her stride and looks very relaxed there in the womb - head back, feet up!
Mum's name: Sarah Shaw
Baby Shaw is looking at his/her feet with legs stretched out plus waving - has a really sweet look on its face - or so it appears!!
Mum's name: Natasha Redfearn
Little"Bean" at first scan... you can see him/her giving us a wave.
Mum's name: Helen Budd
They are identical twins, sharing a placenta. The one on the left was very calm, and looks laid back, while the one on the right wouldn't sit still to have its picture taken!
Mum's name: Lisa Hulme
He does have arms - he's doing a mexican wave so they're raised up by the side of his head...
Mum's name: Ripley
13½ week scan
Mum's name: Esther
Esther's baby seemed to be inspecting his/her umbilical cord and did not want to be disturbed.
Mum's name: Nicola Parsons
A very clear 12 week scan.
Mum's name: Maxine Whiteway-Roberts
Maxine's baby wouldn't stop moving about. A friends child thought it was a turtle!!
Mum's name: Sharon Smith
13 week scan.
Mum's name: Rachel Everett
'Widget' at 16 weeks.
Mum's name: Emma Fewtrell
This very clear 12-week scan was taken on a new machine which scans internally rather than through the mother's tummy.
Mum's name: Tracey Powell
Shows our little 'Peanut' which has the same nose as its daddy!

Mum's name: Wendy Cooke
Wendy's baby appears to be a 'thinker' by the hand resting on
the head.

Mum's name: Hazel Marquardt
Little Cub (as he/she is known) was very active and even stood on his head but he finally got tired and laid back for a picture!

Mum's name: Virginie Kraan
Virginie tells us her baby was sucking its fingers and playing with its feet during this scan.
Mum's name: Joanne Lunn
A very clear 19-week scan

Mum's name: Deborah Sibert
Deborah's baby in a rare moment of stillness!
Mum's name: Cindy Ewen
You can clearly see the spinal column and face in this scan
Mum's name: Sarah Jackson
This scan has been helpfully labelled by the scanographer
Mum's name: Tamsyn Parris
Tamsyn's baby waving at the camera!
Mum's name: Sally Chapman
Sally's baby's having a nice rest in his womb hammock!
Mum's name: Charlie Crosby
Charlie's baby is curled up in the classic foetal position.
Mum's name: Maxine Moss
Maxine's baby's features are clear and perfect in this scan.
Mum's name: Joanne Lancastle
Joanne's baby's clearly enjoying a snooze!
Mum's name: Elizabeth Karim
You can see Elizabeth's baby with its little legs tucked up
Mum's name: Dawn Maskell
You can see the skull and spine quite clearly on this scan.
Mum's name: Sharon Stratford-Tunn
Little 'Thumberlina' at 12 wks
Mum's name: Lynne Laverty
He seems to be sucking his thumb!
Mum's name: Emma O'Connell
You can just about make out an arm which is tucked behind the head. A very laid back baby!


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