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Baby names
Top 50 boys' and girls' names in England and Wales in 2000

Rank Name Meaning Origin
1. Chloe Green shoot Greek
2. Emily Roman clan named Aemilius Roman
3. Megan Pearl Welsh
4. Charlotte Free/small woman Old German
5. Jessica ‘He beholds’ Hebrew
6. Lauren The place of the laurel tree Latin/English
7. Sophie Wisdom Greek
8. Olivia Peace Greek
9. Hannah ‘God has favoured me’ Hebrew
10. Lucy ‘Light’ Italian
11. Georgia Form of George – farmer Greek
12. Rebecca ‘Faithful one’ Hebrew
13. Bethany ‘Worshipper of God’ Hebrew
14. Amy Much loved French
15. Ellie Light Greek
16. Katie Abbr. of Katherine-pure Greek
17. Emma Universal Teutonic
18. Abigail Father’s joy Hebrew
19. Molly Bitter one Hebrew/Irish
20. Grace Blessing from God Latin
21. Courtney King’s attendant French
22. Shannon Wise Gaelic
23. Caitlin Form of Katherine Gaelic
24. Eleanor Light Greek
25. Jade Jewel Spanish
26. Ella All Teutonic
27. Leah Weary Hebrew
28. Alice Noble Teutonic
29. Holly Born at Christmas Anglo Saxon
30. Laura Laurel Latin
31. Anna Graceful/mercy Hebrew
32. Jasmine The flower Persian
33. Sarah Princess Hebrew
34. Elizabeth ‘Oath of God’ Hebrew
35. Amelia Worker Latin
36. Rachel Ewe – symbolising innocence Hebrew
37. Amber Jewel Arabic
38. Phoebe Bright or pure Greek
39. Natasha Born at Christmas Greek/Slavic
40. Niamh Bright Irish
41. Zoe Life giving Greek
42. Paige Knight’s attendant Greek/Anglo saxon
43. Nicole Victory of the people Greek/French
44. Abbie From Abigail, now used as given name Hebrew
45 Mia Mine Italian
46. Imogen Imaginative Latin
47 Lily Lily-flower Greek
48. Alexandra Helper of mankind Greek
49. Chelsea Harbour Anglo Saxon
50. Daisy Day’s Eye (flower) and nickname for Margaret Old English

Boy's names:
Rank Name Meaning Origin
1. Jack Derivative of John – Godly Hebrew
2. Thomas Companion/twin Greek
3. James Supplanter Hebrew
4. Joshua Saviour Hebrew
5. Daniel A judge Hebrew
6. Harry Princely/head of house Anglo Saxon
7. Samuel Asked of God Hebrew
8. Joseph Addition of another son Hebrew
9. Matthew God’s gift Hebrew
10. Callum Dove Gaelic
11. Luke Bringer of light Latin
12. William Brave/protector Teutonic
13. Lewis Warrior Teutonic/French
14. Oliver Olive grower Latin
15. Ryan Little King Irish
16. Benjamin Son of my right hand Hebrew
17. George Farmer Greek
18. Liam Protector Irish
19. Jordan River in the Holy land Hebrew
20. Adam Man of earth Hebrew
21. Alexander Leader Latin
22. Jake Supplanter Hebrew
23. Connor High desire Irish/Gaelic
24. Cameron Bewitched/crooked nose Gaelic
25. Nathan Gift of God Hebrew
26. Kieran Little dark one Irish
27. Mohammed Praised Muslim
28. Jamie Supplanter Hebrew
29. Jacob Favoured Hebrew
30. Michael Godly Hebrew/Greek
31. Ben Son of my right hand Hebrew
32. Ethan Constant Hebrew
33. Charlie Abbr. of Charles – free man Teutonic
34. Bradley Prosperous/from the meadow Anglo Saxon
35. Brandon A fighter/quick sword Anglo Saxon
36. Aaron High mountain/enlightened Hebrew
37. Max Leader/the greatest Latin
38. Dylan Born near the sea Welsh
39. Kyle Handsome Gaelic
40. Reece Ardent Welsh
41. Robert Bright fame Teutonic
42. Christopher Bearer of Christ Greek
43. David Beloved Hebrew
44. Edward Guardian Anglo Saxon
45. Charles Free man Teutonic
46. Owen Young warrior/well born Welsh
47. Louis Fighter English
48. Alex Abbr. of Alexander - leader Latin
49. Joe ‘God will multiply’ Hebrew
50. Rhys Enthusiastic Welsh

Jack and Chloe were the most popular names given to babies born in 2000 in England and Wales. Continuing an amazing run, Jack has now been the most popular boys' name for the past six years and Chloe the most popular girls' name for the past four years.

For the fifth year running, the top five boys' names remain unchanged. For girls, the top three names remain the same, while Charlotte jumped two places to number four and Jessica (the top name in 1995) rose three places to number five, replacing Lauren and Sophie (the top name in 1996).

Other changes in 2000 include:
Abbie, at number 44, is the highest new entry in the girls' top 50, up eight places from last year. Daisy, in at number 50, has shown the greatest rise in popularity, soaring 20 places from 1999. There are two other new entries - Mia, up nine places to number 45, and Lily, up six places to number 47. Other names that have shown a marked increase in popularity this year include Anna, up nine places to number
31, Niamh, up eight places to number 40 and Grace which rose seven places to number 20. Lydia, Danielle, Georgina and Victoria have all dropped out of the top 50 since last year. Joe and Rhys are the only new entries in the boys' top 50, both up four places to number 49 and 50 respectively. Big climbers this year are Max, up 11 places to number 37, Dylan, up nine places to number 38 and Ethan and Harry, which have both jumped eight places to numbers 32 and six respectively. Last year's highest climber Owen suffered this year's biggest drop, down 13 places to number 46. Andrew and Sam have dropped out the top 50 altogether.

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