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Baby names
Top 50 boys' and girls' names in Scotland in 2000

Girl's names:
Rank Name Meaning Origin
1. Chloe Green shoot Greek
2.= Amy Much loved French
2.=. Lauren The place of the laurel tree Latin/English
4. Emma Universal Teutonic
5. Rebecca ‘Faithful one’ Hebrew
6. Megan Pearl Welsh
7. Caitlin Form of Katherine Gaelic
8. Rachel Ewe – symbolising innocence Hebrew
9. Erin Peace Gaelic
10. Hannah ‘God has favoured me’ Hebrew
11. Sophie Wisdom Greek
12. Lucy Light’ Italian
13. Emily Roman clan named Aemilius Roman
14. Shannon Wise Gaelic
15. Katie Katherine-pure Greek
16. Nicole Victory of the people Greek/French
17. Sarah Princess Hebrew
18. Courtney King’s attendant French
19. Anna Graceful/mercy Hebrew
20. Morgan Lives by the sea Celtic
21. Eilidh Light Gaelic
22. Kirsty Christian Greek
23. Niamh Bright Irish
24. Laura Laurel Latin
25. Olivia Peace Greek
26. = Abbie Gives joy Hebrew
26. =. Ellie Abbr. Of Eleanor or Ellen English
28. Jennifer Fair one Arthurian legend
29. Jade Jewel Spanish
30. Bethany ‘Worshipper of God’ Hebrew
31. Louise Renowned fighter French
32. Beth Short form of Elizabeth English
33. Holly Born at Christmas Anglo Saxon
34. Zoe Life giving Greek
35. = Aimee Dearly Loved French
35. = Leah Weary Hebrew
37. Robyn Bright fame German
38. Jessica ‘He beholds’ Hebrew
39. = Cara Beloved Latin
39. = Heather Flowering evergreen plant English
41. Charlotte Free/small woman Old German
42. Rachael Ewe – symbolising innocence Hebrew
43. Samantha Listener Aramaic
44. Jodie ‘From Judah’ Hebrew
45. Taylor Tailor English
46. Georgia Form of George – farmer Greek
47. = Iona Legendary King of France Welsh
47 = Natasha Born at Christmas Greek/Slavic
49. Molly Bitter one Hebrew/Irish
50. Kayleigh Keeper of keys/pure English

Boy's names:
Rank Name Meaning Origin
1. Jack Derivative of John – Godly Hebrew
2. Lewis Warrior Teutonic/French
3. Ryan Little King Irish
4. Cameron Bewitched/crooked nose Gaelic
5. James Supplanter Hebrew
6. Andrew Manly/brave English
7. Matthew God’s gift Hebrew
8. Liam Protector Irish
9. Callum Dove Gaelic
10. Jamie James - Supplanter Hebrew
11. Ross Red German
12. Jordan River in the Holy land Hebrew
13 Daniel A judge Hebrew
14. Kieran Little dark one Irish
15 Connor High desire Irish/Gaelic
16 Scott From Scotland English
17 Kyle Handsome Gaelic
18. David Beloved Hebrew
19. Adam Man of earth Hebrew
20 Dylan Born near the sea Welsh
21 Michael Godly Hebrew/Greek
22 Thomas Companion/twin Greek
23 Ben Son of my right hand Hebrew
24 Craig Dwells at the crag Gaelic
25 Sean Gift from God Irish
26 Nathan Gift of God Hebrew
27 John Jehovah has been gracious Hebrew
28. Calum Dove Celtic
29 Aaron High mountain/enlightened Hebrew
30 Robert Bright fame Teutonic
31 Alexander Leader Latin
32 Christopher Bearer of Christ Greek
33 Euan Variant of John Irish
34. Aidan Name of a saint Anglo-Saxon
35. Joshua Saviour Hebrew
36. Declan The name of an Irish Saint Irish
37. Mark Tristan’s uncle Arthurian legend
38. Robbie Abbr.of Robert –famed/bright English
39. Luke Bringer of light Latin
40. Reece Ardent Welsh
41. Fraser Of the forest men Scottish
42. William Brave/protector Teutonic
43. Ewan Young Celtic
44. Joseph Addition of another son Hebrew
45. Paul Little English
46. Lee Healer Celtic
47. Brandon A fighter/quick sword Anglo Saxon
48. Owen Young warrior/well born Welsh
49. Josh Saviour Hebrew
50. = Samuel Asked of God Hebrew
50. = Stuart Steward Anglo-Saxon

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